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Freddie Williams is Owner of 1Call ATM Repair Services LLC, a company specializing in the repair of automated teller machines (ATM). Prior to establishing 1Call, Mr. Williams has procured 17 years of experience providing technical assistance in the automated teller industry. His professional development includes ATM Repair Manager, Training Manager, and Sales Manager for ATM Gurus, Inc.; and General Manager for ATM Doctors, a company he helped to start. He has trained 100+ technicians in ATM repair and product use.

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Customers using banking services expect services to be available around-the-clock, and ATMs are a crucial self-service channel. By concentrating on important, revenue-generating activities, 1Call ATM Repair Services LLC, a leading player and trusted partner in the payments industry, helps banks gain benefits in terms of assured quality of service, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

Our Products

Refurbished NMD 50 Dispenser

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Refurbished NMD 100 Dispenser 321mm or180mm

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Refurbished NMD 100 Reject Cassette

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Refurbished NMD 100 Cassette

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